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          1. Poultry/chicken/duck/bird
          2. swine/pig/hog
          3. Cattle/cow/equine/horse
          4. Sheep/goat/rabbit
          5. Other veterinary equpipment and tools
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          7. chicken feeder and drinker


            Chicken drinker and feeders

            Feeder capacity:1.5kg 3kg 5kg 8kg or as request
            Size : 1.5kg   diaxH : 21x22cm  , 3.0kg    diaxH :27x24cm
                       5.0kg   diaxH : 30x29cm  , 8.0kg    diaxH :37x38cm
            Drinker capacity:1.0L,4.0L,8.0L or as request
            Size:  1.0L  diaxH  15x20.5cm with 8 holes
                       4.0L  diaxH  23x25cm
                       8.0L  diaxH  33x28.5cm
            PP,PE, high quality, sturdy plastic
            Loop for hanging easy to move and add feed;
            Using for chickens and animal;
            Simple hang style plastic bucket plate chicken feeder,very light but hard enough to hold 1.5-8KG feed stuff;
            Smoothly edge can avoid hurting the chicken;
            Part pan and bucket,easy to dismantle and to clean;
            You can hang it or just put it on the floor and add feed,very easy to control;
            Practical feeders include a special wing nut which allows you to adjust feed flow and individual feed compartments to prevent overflow & spillage.
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            ADD:Gaozheng development industrial zone ,shijiazhuang city, hebei,China