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            Piglet incubator

              1.Material : fiber glass or PVC . Size : L105*W65*H60cm ,L105*W75*H60cm ,

              2.It should be used with infrared heat lamp or electric heat pad to ensure enough heat supply.

              3. It is convenient to operate for its lamp hole, viewport, movable cover and door for piglets

              move in and out.

              Product Feature of Piglet Incubator:

              * High quality environmental protection materials, injection molding.

              *No odor, solve the glass fiber reinforced plastic incubator odor of piglets respiratory tract irritation completely.

              * No glass fiber cloth, piglet won't be tickling feeling.

              * The lining and door is smooth, piglets will be not scratch the skin.

              * Surface smooth and bright, can do pet Waterloo, luxury and beautiful.

              * High strength, toughness, good ageing resistance, long service life.

              *New product quality is stable, uniform wall thickness, to avoid the glass fiber reinforced plastic products for the quality instability caused by manual operation completely.


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