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          1. Poultry/chicken/duck/bird
          2. swine/pig/hog
          3. Cattle/cow/equine/horse
          4. Sheep/goat/rabbit
          5. Other veterinary equpipment and tools
          6. dog/cat/pets
          7. About Us

             From 1998 ,Zhengzhou haorui industrial Co., Ltd. is specialized in livestock and poultry equipment production and installation. Over the years we are committed to the revitalization and development of livestock , though our research and development effort ,now we are becoming a leading poultry and livestock manufacturer and suppliers home and aboard.

             With strong technical force and advance producing equipment ,our special technical team continue to carry out research and development, design and product upgrades, now we can supply the following series high quality products : chicken automatic drinking and feeding system, chicken drinkers and feeders, chicken nipple drinkers and drip cups ,chicken cages, automatic manure cleaning machine,feeding system of chicken feed grinding and mixing and auger, chicken incubator, chicken transport cage ,egg cage, and so on .We also can manufacture and supply sow bed ,piglet incubator, pig trough etc.

             Meanwhile ,we can manufacturer and supply equipment for duck, bird, cattle , horse ,sheep ,goat ,rabbit ,like feeders and drinker , sheep shears ,cages, with competitive prices.

             With the idea of “all for farming and ranch” ,we provide a reasonable design and installation services, got widely praise from all of our customers !We will continue to supply high-quality products, excellent service, preferential prices to meet your needs, warmly welcome new and old customers visit us !

            Copyright(C) Zhengzhou haorui industrial Co., Ltd      TEL:+86-311-80663687
            ADD:Gaozheng development industrial zone ,shijiazhuang city, hebei,China