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            • Cattle water drinking bowlCattle water drinking bowl
              Water bowl Material : cast iron and 304 stainless steel Surface : three layers of paint Size : Large type : 21.5cm dia x 10cm height . weight : 3.8kg largest type : 25cm dia x 12cm height weight : 4.5kg Usage : cattle , horse ,sheep ,pig

            • cattle weanercattle weaner
              Plastic weaner for cow calf it is easy to adjust the screw,can use again avoid the maverick suck behavior,avoid to spread the disease used to prevent the calfs to suck the breast used to prevent calfs to lick belly of each other

            • cow magnetcow magnet
              1.Used worldwide as an effective remedy for hardware disease. 2.the outer of rumen cow magnet is made of SUS304 sheet 3.bright, metal finish, non-toxic, non-corrosive in use 4.inner with strong magnet 5.size: dia 1/2" X 3" long

            • cattle dehornercattle dehorner
              plastic electric cattle dehorner 1.This plastic electrc dehorner is used for 15-70 days calves or lamb etc .small trauma, good effect, raise cattle or sheep breeding quality whole, prevent bumps. 2.This plastic electrc dehorner is suitable for the voltage 220 original fever, according to the use of temperature precision design, not casually tapping, keep dry, so as to avoid the leakage of be affected with damp . 3.When bevel angle , first heated to a certain temperature, gently moving on the horn, melting the horns, safe, fast and reliable 4.Copper head is heavy, hot gathered in the front-end , back-end heat dissipation effect is good, high quality.Working long hours and not easy to burn out.

            • horse wood shavingshorse wood shavings
              horse/ little animal wood sahvings for bedding Our shavings could be used as material for animal bedding, fertilizer/ compost making and mushroom cultivation.

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