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          1.      Poultry/chicken/duck/bird
          2.      swine/pig/hog
          3.      Cattle/cow/equine/horse
          4.      Sheep/goat/rabbit
          5.      Other veterinary equpipment and tools
          6.      dog/cat/pets
          7. Products  
            • piglet incubatorpiglet incubator
              Piglet incubator   1.Material : fiber glass or PVC . Size : L105*W62*H60 1.Made of pvc material,easy to move,clean and warm for piglets. Size : L105*W62*H60
              2.It should be used with infrared heat lamp or electric heat pad to ensure enough heat supply.
              3. It is convenient to operate for its lamp hole, viewport, movable cover and door for piglets move in and out.

            • piglet electric insulation board piglet electric insulation board
              Piglet electricl insulation board Material : fiber glass Size :50x80x2cm ,50x90x2cm ,50x100x2cm or as request Voaltage :22V/50Hz Heating power : 60w,120w usage : piglet heat preservation

            •  pig floor pig floor
                  Material : cast iron Color : black   Size : 600x600mm, 300x600mm, 400x600mm,500x600mm,300x700mm,600x700mm or as request.

            • Cattle water drinking bowlCattle water drinking bowl
              Water bowl Material : cast iron and 304 stainless steel Surface : three layers of paint Size : Large type : 21.5cm dia x 10cm height . weight : 3.8kg largest type : 25cm dia x 12cm height weight : 4.5kg Usage : cattle , horse ,sheep ,pig

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