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          1.      Poultry/chicken/duck/bird
          2.      swine/pig/hog
          3.      Cattle/cow/equine/horse
          4.      Sheep/goat/rabbit
          5.      Other veterinary equpipment and tools
          6.      dog/cat/pets
          7. Products  
            • chicken drinkerchicken drinker
              Chicken drinker and feeder
              Capacity : 1.5kg, 2.5kg, 4kg, 5kg, 6kg, 8kg, 9kg, 10kg, 15kg,or as request

            • chicken feeder chicken feeder
              Chicken feeder Material : plastic Size : upper dia :22.5cm Down dia :28.5cm Bottom pan height : 6cm Whole height :21.0cm Hole size : 3.6-4.7cm upper to down. Feature : avoid the dog to eat the feed.

            • chicken drinder and feeders--chicken nipple drinkerchicken drinder and feeders--chicken nip
              Chicken nipple drinker and drip cup
              this is traditional product which is widely used in agricultural ,the chicken can drink water according to their willing,only need to adjust the height of water pipe and the nipple drinker will meet the need in chicken growing periods.

            • poultry feeding troughspoultry feeding troughs
              poultry feeding troughs Material :PP Color : Red or as request Length (CM) :51.5 Width(CM) :12.5 Height(CM) :8 Application Poultry farming equipment Feeder.chicken, pigeon/bird

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